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Black collar makeup tutorial

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We’re kicking off 2014 with Ellinor creating a stylish black collar for a fashion shoot. We thank Sweden Models for lending us their new face Linn Olsson for this project.


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Kimmo Vehkalahti assisting in producing the stills.


  1. Julliana Paulino

    7 months ago

    so many top stans lol
  2. Cheese puff 101

    10 months ago

    I saw the thumbnail and just thought I wonder how many of the comments are about my favourite beans from Ohio
  3. Maryfer Mtz

    1 year ago

    I thought blurryface era was over lmao
  4. Denis Kristian

    1 year ago

  5. Starecrow

    1 year ago

    Tyler Joseph approved.
  6. I clicked on this because I saw a black neck and though of TØP
  7. jish doon

    1 year ago

    lmao all them tyler joseph comments have me rolling |-/
  8. abi

    1 year ago

    Tyler Joseph is that you? gosh touring for so long has made you look a bit younger
  9. Shannon Kamil

    1 year ago

    is this Tyler Joseph
  10. Anya Maes

    1 year ago

    twenty one pilots.
  11. It's Bri

    1 year ago

    I think Tyler Joseph likes the black collar makeup look 😂
  12. Sapura Mohtar

    2 years ago

    The best ever. Please maintain this channel. Malaysia.
  13. wave nnh

    2 years ago

  14. Cryptosporidium

    2 years ago

    Var kan jag köpa den svarta färgen? Finns den i vitt också? Behöver till ett fotoprojekt.
  15. Milena X

    3 years ago

    love it! love it !