Ellimorph Dust Complete 8-Colour Pack

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• 8 colours included
• Infinite colour combos
• Easy to use – no mess
• 50g of each colour
• Long lasting
• Non-toxic

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Product Description

Please note: Ellimorph Plastic not included.

Ellimorph Dust is a very fine pigmented powder, used to colour Ellimorph Plastic.
Mix and match colours for an infinite number of colour combinations.

How to use:
• Melt the desired amount of Ellimorph Plastic
• Mould the plastic into a disk shape
• Apply some Ellimorph Dust in the centre of the plastic
• Fold the edges of the plastic to lock in the dust
• Continue squashing and kneading until the colour is evenly spread
• Once satisfied, leave the plastic to harden.

• Non-toxic
• Colours can be mixed to get different shades and colours
• Colours the plastic from the inside out, so mess is kept minimal
• Recommend 1g of pigments per 20g of plastic
• Plastic maintains colour when re-shaped

You get all 8 colours!
The Ellimorph Dust Complete 8-pack contains all 8 colours in separate 50g bags. Each of the bags contains enough powder to colour up to 1 KG of Ellimorph Plastic.

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