Extreme Hellraiser Halloween makeup series

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Are you planning on a head turning makeup for the Halloween 2016 party? Look no further!

The Ellimacs SFX Hellraiser Halloween makeup series brings you three extremely cool and classic makeup looks – Pinhead, Angelique and Chatterer. All three DIY makeups are inspired by the classic movie franchise Hellraiser.


ellimacs-sfx-hellraiser-pinhead-halloween-makeupPinhead is the iconic cenobite appearing in the first movie from the 80s and with the insane nails all over the head and face this makeup is sure to turn a few heads at the party. Be sure to stack up on nails before you try this out. You will need quite a few. Watch the Hellraiser: Pinhead Halloween makeup tutorial


ellimacs-sfx-hellraiser-angelique-halloween-makeupThe beautiful Angelique with the open scalp exposing her skull and wires pulling the flappy skin pieces down towards the shoulders. We’re sure the Hellraiser: Angelique special fx makeup tutorial will prepare you for a jaw dropping entrance at the party. Click here to watch the Hellraiser: Angelique Halloween makeup tutorial.


ellimacs-sfx-hellraiser-shatterer-halloween-makeupOpen wide and force open your mouth with massive hooks and wire for this brutal looking makeup. The Hellraiser: Chatterer special fx makeup tutorial will put your sculpting skills to the test but the reward is a truly stomach turning and very intense look. A superb halloween costume if you want to give your friends and family permanent nightmares. Click here to check out the Hellraiser: Chatterer Halloween makeup tutorial!