Ellimacs TV launch its second YouTube channel – Macs Knows

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Ellimacs SFX’s own producer and narrator Macs has finally gotten his ass out of the wagon an started up his much anticipated technobabble Youtube channel. So let’s hear what he’s got to say about it.

Tutorials, reviews, life hacks and more!

Under the name Macs Knows I intend to bring you the same kind of weekly, useful tutorials you have grown to love from Ellimacs SFX. But instead of special effects makeup I will teach you cool tips and tricks on how to get better looking photos, videos and more. Easy to follow guides to photo and video edition techniques using Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Davinci Resolve and Capture One to name a few apps. But why stop there? The tutorials will also address sound editing in Pro tools, print production in Indesign and general guides to your digital life as an Instagrammer and YouTuber. You’ll also find the occasional review of tech gear, optics and software.

The channel is aimed towards the ever increasing number of people getting into YouTube and vlogging. By providing useful guides on how to overcome some of the obstacles and to harness the power of the apps that many already have installed but never use, I believe Macs Knows, in time, will become the go-to channel for quick and easy fixes to common challenges in the digital world.

logo-macs-knowsThe logotype design was created around the idea that the Macs Knows channel is all about knowledge in a very electronic and digitally oriented world. By combining the electronic look of circuit boards with the shape of a brain, it captures both the digital focus of the channel as well as the knowledge shared in the tutorials.

If you have any tutorial requests or questions just let me know in the comments on youtube, cause Macs Knows. Check out the channel at http://macsknows.com.

Macs Knows is brought to you by Ellimacs TV and produced and narrated by myself.