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Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

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We’re starting of our new Halloween Clown series with this Killer Clown makeup tutorial.

In this episode we once again visit the concept of clowns, and more to the point – a killer clown. We create this rough and dirty killer clown using very simple methods and basic makeup supplies. You can of course go bananas and expand the look to include some gory wounds on the body as well as the neck. A nice tip is also to play around with the colours to really make it your own. As for the teeth we went with pretty normal ones but it’s recommended that you use sharper teeth to up that horror vibe even more. As usual we have been using Ellimorph plastic to create the teeth so make sure you have a supply before starting.

To really make this killer clown your we encourage you to experiment with other colour schemes and hair colours. And hey, a clown is not complete without that super silly dress as well. Since this is a killer clown we suggest a costume with blood stains and dirt.

If you want more clown action be sure to check out our complete clown series playlist. We have quite a nice collection of clown tutorials for you with everything from sweet ones to murderous crazy clowns.

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