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Smokey eyes makeup tutorial – Makiash special

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With easy to follow instructions Ellinor guides you to a hot smokey eyes look. This time using only Makiash products. Watch Swedish fashion blogger Lisa Olsson transform!


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  1. Tatchik77

    10 months ago

    Beautiful! Can't wait to try this (& fail miserably 😁)!
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  3. Kyra

    3 years ago

    Absolutely love your tutorials!
  4. Zoe Wanted

    5 years ago

    Love what you did it amazing I would love your help to help to do that I am good at doing that but not that good wow nice job ☺
  5. Joy Cubid

    5 years ago

    big fan here:)
  6. Mandy Barker

    5 years ago

    Your model wears this look beautifully. Why are you Swedish people so attractive?!?!?!?
  7. Ohheyanastasia

    6 years ago

    I seriously love this look ❤ super helpful

    6 years ago

  9. Jessica793

    7 years ago

  10. LynnOppar

    7 years ago

    Whoever voice that was? I really liked it. This look is really intense! I don't think I could ever use it on myself, but it was really pretty on the model. 
  11. Adry441

    7 years ago

    Mega like :-)